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    Under the flag company

    The mature network of forwarding logistics service via rail, with its further expansion to more than 40 countries and regions, enables us, Wintop, to provide our customers with optimized services in import and export as our core business.

    Globe Air Cargo bases on the ‘New Silk Roads’:      
    New transport methods between Europe and Asia, from Nuremburg to Shanghai
    20-day-transportation departing from Nuremburg every Saturday
    Chain solutions for standardized combination of warehousing, transportation, depots and packing


    Unlike other large forwarding company who only focus on economic profits and enormous outputs, we, WINTOP, not bound by Global interconnections, marketing strategy, as well as global procurement policy


    18th Floor, Railway Mansion No.355 Moling Road, Shanghai China

    +86 21 5116 5777

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