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    Founded in January 2005, Wintop has now become core of the Wintop Group, owning altogether 27 companies including affiliates, branches, holding and joint stock companies with 500 staffs worldwide and an annual business turnover of 6.5 hundred million of RMB, which forwarding and services in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Europe and the U.S.

    The Leader and The Team

    Xiuyuan.Wen, the chairman of Wintop, is a reliable and approachable leader with ambitions and readiness to face challenges and to keep up with the times. The studies in Shanghai University of Technology and 25 years’ working experiences as the vice president for China Railway Express Co.,Ltd brings her not only worldwide connections, but also pioneering ideas of international cargo transport, TPL supply chain, and the building, innovating, as well as managing of the global network.

    Under her leadership, we built a team with experienced managers and overseas essence as the core, while enthusiastic, innovative young staffs as our main force.

    Products & Features

    Making full use of our information system with clients over a thousand and the Internet accelerated speed, we managed to transform us from offering simple service to looking for solutions that can be tailored to our customers’ particular needs, thus building an international transport and logistic system with lower costs while higher efficiency.

    Yet we concentrate our business on

    Air freight sale forwarder

    Chartered carrier transport

    NVOCC (Non-Vessel operating Common carrier)

    Bond and supervision of imported and exported cargos

    Customs of imported and exported cargos

    Improvement in inpection and quarantine

    TPL supply chain

    Consulting or finding logistics solutions

    International Trade

    Purch of matched materials


    Aiming at the world’s leading logistics company, it’s our goal to establish an integrated international networking company which incorporates modernized freight and logistic services.


    Unlike other large forwarding company who only focus on economic profits and enormous outputs, we, WINTOP, not bound by Global interconnections, marketing strategy, as well as global procurement policy


    18th Floor, Railway Mansion No.355 Moling Road, Shanghai China

    +86 21 5116 5777

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